Skincare: Oily Skin? I promise you’ll love these products…..


I have a confession……..I am OBSESSED with skincare products! When I started wearing  make up in my teens I did not have a clue what category my skin type fell into and how this would determine what make up products I would needed in order to achieve my desired flawless skin. For the longest time, I would use MAC’s tinted moisturizer which would even out my complexion yet leave me super oily and greasy …not cute at all. This is when I realized  I needed to invest in products which would mattify my face and give me a flawless finish! I quickly discovered in order to achieve flawless looking skin , I needed a strong, healthy base for my makeup. This is when finding the right products for my oily skin became my mission.  As much as oily skin is a pain, there are many benefits as it enables our skin to maintain prolonged hydration, decreases aging and sun damage so ensuring that I maintain the natural level of moisture in my skin is very important to me. I have listed the products I use daily to tame my oily skin without removing the natural level of hydration and moisture it needs, have a look :

I’ve been loving La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Duo(+),




This oil-free corrective treatment works to correct imperfections on the skin surface whilst leaving your skin hydrated and nourished, drying to a matte finish. I like using this product daily both in the morning and at night. I love the way my skin feels once I have applied it to my skin and I have noticed a decrease in my dark marks and blemishes.

Next , Is the La Roche-Posay’s Serozinc Toner,



Any lazy girl’s dream! This spray on toner is a quick and easy step in my skincare routine. I swipe this across my face every morning following my cleaner and leave to absolve into the skin. This product combined with the La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Duo(+) have definitely contributed to the positive changes to my skin .

Finally La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar and St Ives Apricot Invigorating scrub ,





I can not and will not live without these products! One scrubbing away all my dead skin cells coupled with a delicious scent of apricot whilst  the other focuses on gently removing the leftovers of last night’s makeup this combination is a dream. This may sound OTT however I use both everyday ( the scrub first and cleanser to follow) however each product works great individually. This combination leaves my skin glowing(not greasy) and feeling fresh, ready to start the day. Another great scrub I tend to use is the Garnier Pure Active Intensive Charcoal Scrub. Containing two per cent salicylic acid, this scrub deeply exfoliates the skin surface which overtime reveals clearer and a more even skin tone by gently attacking imperfections caused by blemishes.  I tend to use the scrub everyday , morning and evening however it is recommended to use three to four times a week.


So that is all for my skincare routine, if you have oily skin I hope this post has been helpful. If you have any other products you would recommend for oily skin, please leave a comment below:)


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